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snapazoo transformable toy bear

"From a pancake-flat shape rife with snaps, these mudpuppies, snakes, crayfish, cockatoes, and bullefants clamp together into beasts with snouted folds and curlicued bodies. Small kids like the fine-motor accomplishment of snapping; biggers enjoy inventing new animals and bigger-yets like the kerpflank

of unsnapping and starting

over again."


- The Boston Globe Magazine 

"Snapazoo® is a true and complex topological toy, promoting careful observation, experiementation, and problem solving."

- Gifted Children's Newsletter

"...Besides being an especially appealing toy, occupational therapists have found the Snapazoo useful for meeting a number of therapeutic goals.  This toy has provided an enticing activity for addressing problems in areas such as fine motor coorination and strength, tactile defensiveness, bilateral motor coordination and constructional praxis."


- Sensory Integration International

Q: What is a Snapazoo?
A: It's a transformable
   teddy bear, and more...

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